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Brandon Pressley

Born and raised in Salem, Oregon, Brandon was inducted into a school district with many great educators. Brandon joined band in the fifth grade and started as a percussionist. Since then Brandon has won several awards as a percussionist, including a total of 12 medals from the OSAA state solo contest, and a first place medal in OSAA’s second annual state ensemble competition.

In eighth grade, Brandon asked his parents for a trombone for Christmas. The same day he received his trombone he started teaching himself how to play. After just a year and a half of playing, he earned the solo chair in West Salems top jazz band, and won a solo award at the Pleasant Hill Jazz Festival; one of the biggest jazz festivals in Oregon.

Currently, Brandon is attending the UO as a jazz studies major with a focus on trombone. He participates in extracurricular ensembles such as Swing Shift Jazz Orchestra and Descarga 54 as the lead trombone player. While percussion is not currently his area of study, he contiues to practice percussion in his spare time and enjoys performing for a lively audience. Catch him at an Oregon Jazz Ensemble or Swing Shift concert near you!

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