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Excellence in Art!
The Swing Sift Jazz Orchestra was awarded an "Excellence in Art" award at the 2024 Springfield Arts and Culture Award ceremony. We were honored just to be nominated and extremely grateful to have been selected! Thank you to the Springfield Arts and Culture Awards for this honor, thank you to our band members past and present who have worked hard to get us to where we are and thank you to all our loyal fans for  your unwavering support! 

Coming Up!

Locals Only Concert

Sunday, May 19th, 3:00 pm

Richard E. Wildish Theater, 630 Main St. Springfield

Join us for the final show of our 2023-2024 Wildish Season. Swing Shift will be sharing the stage with the Monroe Middle School Jazz Band and the Sheldon High School Jazz Band 1. In addition to featuring our local budding jazz musicians, we will also be playing charts written and arranged by local artists including our very own director Nathan Poehlke and featuring our very own vocalist Nicolette D'Erazo! Get your tickets today!

Swing Shift Annual Sponsorship Drive is in full swing!
The Swing Shift Jazz Orchestra annual sponsorship drive continues until our Locals Only Concert on Sunday May 19th. Our annual operational budget is dependent on donations and sponsorships from businesses, family and friends. In order to keep providing quality programing with amazing guest artists such as Ken peplowski, Calvin Orlando Smith, Darmon Meader and Clairdee we need your help. Please click support to see how you can donate or sponsor today!

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